Excuse me while I hug this palm tree.

We are back home among the palm trees, frolicking with flamingos, just a hundred miles or so from where we started.

Story Stephanie Wilson

February, 2020

Damn, it feels good to be in Florida, to bring Sensi back home to the enviable denizens of the Sunshine State. Five years ago, I was one of you, living my best life in Miami, no intentions of moving to any place where winter was more than just a concept.

But then on January 6, 2015, I picked up my journal and wrote “I think I want to move to Denver.” I had never been to Colorado. I knew no one there. But that spring, I packed up and headed west—no prospects, no plans, just faith that I was on the right path.

While I was driving, Ron Kolb was at his home in Ocala dreaming. He was struck by a vision for a series of city lifestyle magazines on a mission to showcase a post-prohibition world—a world in which cannabis is a beneficial part of a well-rounded lifestyle in any city. He envisioned Sensi magazine as a vehicle to help guide us there. And then he moved to Colorado. Turns out he was looking for a partner, and there I was. Now here we are, back home among the palm trees, frolicking with flamingos, just a hundred miles or so from where we started.

During the period in between, we launched Sensi Denver/Boulder in May 2016, followed by Sensi Southern Colorado one year later. Then we added three editions in Southern California, then one in Vegas, then one in Boston, taking Sensi coast -to-coast in two years flat. We added more markets and a few “Publication of the Year” awards along the way. (Yes, I’m bragging. I’m proud of our whole team and of the work we produce, the messages we spread, the vibes we vibe.) I’m so very thrilled to add Sensi Tampa Bay as our 14th market.

We have the chance to showcase that lifestyle to cities where “the new normal” isn’t quite as normal yet. It’s an opportunity we don’t take lightly, and I’m humbled whenever I take a step back from the magazine-making frenzy and consider how incredible it is to be a part of a team of people driven to make a difference, to spark change in their communities, to stand up as advocates for the end of the madness that convinced generations of people to fear a plant that’s long been known to provide so much good.

Stephanie Wilson

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