March is the best time to spring into action.

Even when there’s still snow on the ground

Story Aaron H. Bible

February, 2020

The new decade keeps building momentum here in the Steel City as well as for all of us at Sensi and across the country. We’ve been on a journey in one of the greatest cities in the world for more than six months now. When I started working with the Sensi team, I had no idea just how incredibly rich the history and culture of Pittsburgh really were. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get to know many of you and share so many gems of this historic city with our ever-broadening readership.

And yes, though it’s hard to believe as I write this, spring is in the air. Even when there’s snow on the ground, we believe that March is the best time to spring into action, whether that be in your community, your state, or in your personal life. It may be to embark on a new volunteer service project, to focus on personal health and wellness goals, kickstart new home renovations, or plan your summer vacation. There’s no better way to shake off any wintery blues.

There are so many local nonprofits that can use a lending hand in the spring, including many we’ve tried to include here—such as Grow Pittsburgh, Project Love Coalition, and Tree Pittsburgh. Spring is an invigorating time that gives us motivation to start anew. So find a new perspective, learn a new hobby, or support a new community project.

“I’m excited for the first moment when the sprouts cut through the frost, and the leaves share their green glow,” says publisher Gina Vensel. “It’s a sign that we’ll revive once again, and this time hopefully with a full heart and open mind. Our world continues to show its harsh realities, and I find comfort in moments when we embrace the true meaning of community: helping others, giving back, and moving our city forward.”

Join us in these sentiments. Crack open this month’s issue of Sensi Pittsburgh to see what’s new and inspiring inside. And remember, Sensi is a place for your stories to be heard.

Aaron H. Bible

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