I don’t remember exactly when I fell in love with Philadelphia.

Whether you’re a Philly native or a transplant like me, we hope to showcase the unique stories of this city and its characters in our pages.

Story Jenny Willden

February, 2020

Like any crush, I was cautiously optimistic about the possibility of a long-term relationship—while reasonably doubting that my mountain girl heart could ever make a home in America’s sixth biggest city.

But a turning point came one March night four years ago, when my husband booked a table at Double Knot, a newly opened, subterranean izakaya, for my birthday. We didn’t know what awaited us down the hidden flight of stairs, but our group was immediately awestruck by the moody candlelight, smoking cocktails, stunning bar, and edamame dumplings. (Especially the dumplings.)

It’s the sort of place you’d never find in Utah’s suburbs where I grew up, and one that makes you love a city bold enough to create it. In the following years, Double Knot has never lost its charm, becoming our go-to destination for date nights and hosting out-of-town guests.

Beloved only-in-Philly experiences like this quickly evolved beyond bars and restaurants to unforgettable moments: partying in the city after the Eagles won the Super Bowl, racing down Broad Street with 35,000 people in the pouring rain, and singing on SEPTA in lederhosen and dirndls after one-too-many Oktoberfest beer samples.

These moments make Philly, well, Philly, charming us (and others) to come and stay—years beyond any planned expiration date. Whether you’re a born-and-bred Philadelphian or a transplant like me, we hope to showcase this vibe in Sensi, sharing the unique stories of the city and its characters.

In our March issue, we talk tiny houses, booze-free cocktails, where to find Philly’s best CBD goodies, and why you need a personal brand. We hope you love what we’re creating, but Sensi is here for you, and we want the pages of this publication to reflect that. Whether you email or @ me, let me know what you want to see in Philadelphia’s newest magazine.

Jenny Willden

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