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Stories Leandra Romero and Doug Schnitzspahn
  • Get fit for festival season with the Sensi Seven Festival Toner workout guide. Read
  • CBD is in everything, but sunblock is one place where it really seems to work. Read
  • Giselle Woo and The Night Owls are generating some serious pre-Coachella buzz. Read
  • Our editor-in-chief’s hottest hits of the month. Read
  • It’s an explosion of butterflies fluttering around the Coachella Valley. Read

Boogie Down

Get fit for festival season with the Sensi Seven Festival Toner workout guide.

It’s that time of year again—music festival season! With Coachella and Stagecoach right around the corner, thousands will be making their way out to the Valley to spend the weekend dancing and celebrating.

All that moving and grooving is sure to take a toll on the body, so we asked Jaime Jimenez, owner and trainer at One Eleven Conditioning, to create a program to get you festival fit. If you’re looking to build up your stamina or get that perfect Instagram photo, this workout plan, called the Sensi Seven, will kick your body into gear so you can enjoy making those once-in-a-lifetime festival memories.

The equipment-free, monthlong program, is a combination of seven movements that balances cardio, strength, and recovery. The workouts are completed using an interval timer. Each week the intervals increase while rest time decreases in order to intensify the calorie burn through progression. Beginners can tailor the workouts to their level, while gym junkies can push the movements to maximize muscle definition.

The Sensi Seven can be done at home, at the office, in the gym, or at a park.

Daily Exercises

Day 1: Full Body
• Bodyweight squats
• Knee taps
(pushup position)
• Crunches
• Flutter kicks
• Shoulder taps
(pushup position)
• Pushups
• Fly-jacks
Day 2: Cardio
• Run, bike, swim, etc. (45 mins)

Day 3: Leg Focus
• Fast feet
• Step-up (left side)
• Step-up (right side)
• Bodyweight squats
• Plank with alternate leg raise
• Reverse crunch
• Jack squats
Day 4: Recovery
• Walk, yoga (45 mins)
Day 5: Core
• Punching strikes
• Jumping jacks
• Shoulder taps
(pushup position)
• Up/down planks
• Bicycle crunch
• Boat pose/ v-sit
• Pushups

Weekly Intervals

Week 1
Work: 45 secs
Rest: 30 secs
Reps: 3
Week 2
Work: 50 secs
Rest: 25 secs
Reps: 3
Week 3
Work: 1 min
Rest: 20 secs
Reps: 3
Week 4
Work: 1 min
Rest: 15 secs
Reps: 4

Bright Idea

Sunblock is mandatory, whether you are Hula-Hooping and grooving at festivals or just taking a hike into the desert. These days CBD—or cannabidiol, a nonpsychoactive extract of the cannabis plant with claims on soothing skin and aiding sleep—is in everything, from soda to adult lubricants. Sunblock is one place where it really seems to work, since CBD is proven to hydrate and soothe the skin. This water-resistant lotion merges SPF50 sunscreen with all those rejuvenating effects of CBD.

$23 /

Hoot Sweet

Giselle Woo and The Night Owls are generating some serious pre-Coachella buzz.

Not a cloud was in sight on a warm winter day at a coffee shop in Palm Springs. The birds were chirping and bees buzzing when a quiet voice from behind me said, “I was lost, but now I am found.” It’s Giselle Woo, singer/songwriter, whose recent announcement about performing at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival with her band, The Night Owls, has created its own “buzz” around town.

“So many years of going to Coachella and just standing there in the crowd, watching and admiring, and like fuck I can do that, I want to do that, ya know?” said Woo in her naturally laxed tone. The invitation to perform at the giant annual music festival came two years after Woo and her bandmates, Christian Colín, Jose Ceja, and Marco Murrieta, were crowned the winners of the Annual Tachevah Music Showcase. They walked away with career-advancing prizes—leading to the release of their first EP, Gemini. “You have to take all those steps too; it’s not just like I’m just going to perform and that’s it. People want to hear that song that they heard. They want to learn the words,” she said.

With no gimmicks or interest in notoriety, Woo was surprised by the idea that the Coachella Valley is recognizing her as a top musician in the area. “Despite all the things we’re missing, like an updated website, or someone posting on our Instagram every week, it’s just us. It feels really surreal to me.” The natural progression of her career has grown from singing in her room to open mic nights to, now, standing onstage at one of the world’s largest festivals. She credits her music for ultimately “finding her” as she prepares for the new journey she’s about to take. Her final thoughts before stepping out on the new platform: “This time, I’ll probably pray a little bit because that’s what my grandma would tell me to do.”

Giselle Woo and The Night Owls will be performing Friday, Apr. 10 and 17, kicking off both festival weekends.


By Stephanie Wilson, Editor In Chief

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel (Knopf, $27). Showcasing her signature literary prowess, Mandel explores the infinite ways we search for meaning in this much-hyped new release, expected March 24. Also out this month: It’s Not All Downhill from Here by How Stella Got Her Groove Back author Terry McMillan.

Freeform’s The Bold Type. Now in its third season, this sleeper hit could be your new favorite series. It’s mine, in no small part because it centers on three young women working for a New York mag. But also because it’s witty AF, aspirational, and depicts successful women who are defined not by their relationships but by their careers. It’s empowering, and you should watch it for free on Freeform, or on your favorite streaming platform.

NPR’s Life Kit podcast offers tools to keep it together. And by you, I mean me; I need all the help I can get. Picking out a lightbulb last fall had me staring mouth agape in a store aisle for a half hour trying to make sense of all the options. After listening to “Picking Out a Lightbulb, Made Easy,” I know which bulb’s for me. Life Kit’s episodes are short, to the point, and offer tips on how to do things like start therapy, start a book club, master your budget, remove stains, and juggle paperwork, appointments, and repairs. Basically how to adult.

Pot in Pots. The Swiss-cheese-leafed Monstera is last year’s “It” plant. Cannabis is the hashtagable houseplant of 2020. Get in on the trend. Depending where you live, you can find clones or seeds at select dispensaries with an easy google—while you’re at it, look up local laws regarding home grows. Cannabis cuttings (a.k.a. clones) are pretty easy to root—check for tips—and you should definitely bring some to your next plant swap. Spread the word, spread the love.

Butterflies in the Sky

It’s an explosion of butterflies fluttering around the Coachella Valley. The orange- and brown-painted lady butterflies pass through the desert on a one-way trip up north that will end in a few weeks, after they lay their eggs. Experts say the amount of butterflies we see depends on how much rain we get during the winter months since the insects rely on vegetation during their caterpillar stage to give them energy on their long journey.

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