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Ask Angie


At 88 years old, Dr. Angie McCartney is a model for how to live and how to age. She’s feisty. She could give Betty White a run for her money. As the only living Beatles’ stepmom, Dr. Angie McCartney is ready to regale you with anecdotes of inspiration, humor, survival instincts, small business tips and tricks, backstage tidbits, and more in her monthly Ask Angie column in Sensi magazines. 

In 1964, Angie married Sir Paul McCartney’s father, and suddenly she found herself doing laundry for her stepson's “hippie chums” Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon during their visits. Oh, the stories she could tell. Ask her about them. 

These days, she still works full time on ventures bearing the McCartney name: McCartney MultimediaMcCartney Studios, and Mrs. McCartney Teas among them. She also hosts the weekly Teaflix Tuesdays show on Facebook and does live radio broadcasts out of the UK Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

She’s driven. Unstoppable, even. Didn’t even let the pain from two knee replacements and a new hip slow her down. 

Instead, she translated that pain into a new passion: CBD topicals. Dr. Angie is a vocal advocate for the soothing properties of the powerful cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant. She wants to share that passion. Ask her about it.

Got a burning question about her eight-decade journey? Go ahead. Ask Angie. 

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