Kaneh Co. edibles pack a gourmet punch.

The Quintessential Gourmet in San Diego, California

Story Dawn Garcia and emwebadmin

February, 2020

Female entrepreneurs and consumers are leading the charge in the wellness space with heavy ties to the cannabis industry, and that has extended into the culinary space as well. San Diego–born Rachel King, founder and culinary director of Kaneh Co. has launched a line of gourmet cannabis-infused edibles. Named one of the best new pastry chefs by Food & Wine in 2013, King took her passion for cooking and created Kaneh Co. in 2016. 

Kaneh’s gourmet edibles include offerings such as Triple Berry White Chocolates, The Quintessential Brownie, Chocolate Paleo Bites, and PB&J Blondies. The line also features Mango Chili gummies. “The Quintessential Brownie with the cocoa and cannabis pairing is a rich little bite that can’t be beat.” King says. “Since we started, however, it’s the Best of Both Worlds Brownie that’s our bestseller. It’s a delicious taste of brownie and chocolate chip cookie
in one.” 

With or without the cannabis infusion, these treats all stand on their own and could easily be on shelves in any of LA’s gourmet culinary shops. Items are infused with five or 10 mg of cannabis extract made from California-grown marijuana plants and are available in 200 dispensary locations throughout California, with the majority being in the San Diego area.

“Quality and consistency are the main pillars of our brand,” King says. “Our products taste good with or without cannabis, though ultimately, we want to align ourselves with those who are like-minded in cannabis, and continue multi-state expansion. We also want to continue growing our staff and infrastructure.” Kaneh Co. employs 65 people, predominantly women in the industry, and sells approximately 100,000 units of product per month. 

Rachel King

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