Besito celebrates a year of 4/20s.

A whole year of 4/20s? Local company Besitos thinks that calls for a celebration.

Story Eli Dupin

March, 2020

Photo by Jimmy Marble

Maggie Connors and her Los Angeles–based company Besito are sharing some specialty merch for the high holiday. “To celebrate 12 months of 4/20s, we launched our Besito apparel collection on 1/4/2020, and we’re doing monthly drops all year,” Connors says.

The name Besito means “little kiss” in Spanish, inspired by Connors’s Cuban heritage and the Latinx culture of LA. “I started Besito with the intention of creating a product [that was] good for beginners and experienced consumers looking for a lower dose,” Connors says. “The 2:1 ratio gives you a ‘little kiss’ of THC to make brunch a little more fun or family gatherings more tolerable, while keeping you in control of your high.”

This month’s product release will be a custom brass pin with the signature Besito “B.” “We love the renaissance of enamel pins, and this design, inspired by our vaporizer, is especially cute for budtender collections.”

The brand also stands on the side of social justice and has aligned itself with the fight for equality, criminal justice, and the ongoing scientific research of cannabis. Besito has partnered with Equity First Alliance, a nonprofit that’s working toward repairing these harms. As of September 2019, the company has committed to donating a percentage of all profits to help support EFA’s mission for automated expungement and easily accessible health, employment, and legal resources for those in need of restorative services. “We love to bring people together and honor a community at the heart of the cannabis industry and its history of advocacy,” Connors says.

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