Find your happy place—then tell us you found it!

Sometimes it’s the quiet moments in life that spark the deepest joy.

Story Nora Mounce

February, 2020

Where and how do you like to read Sensi? I spend my favorite time with this magazine trying to find that spot of afternoon winter sun at Gravenstein Station’s Coffee Catz, known to locals as Sebastopol’s Living Room. A large soy mocha with just one drop of lavender essential oil (because I’m freaky that way) in hand, my dog asleep at my feet, and a rainbow overhead create my perfect mood. 

When the weather won’t cooperate, I abandon caffeine for some “fancy wine for semi-fancy folks” from Claypool Cellars. Sometimes, I even treat myself to a truffle (or three) from Eye Candy as I type events from The Scene into my phone calendar, buy tickets, and chart out my month. This is my Sensi happy spot. Where’s yours? Feel free to send us pics of your happy spot to and tell us why it brings you joy. You might just see it on this page someday. 

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