Whatever its origin, we use the heart icon today, shaping our hands into a heart, whether for a photo or to show someone we care.

What creates a happy heart?

Story Debbie Hall

February, 2020

The heart icon expresses the emotion of love in all senses, not just romantic. According to news site thevintagenews.com, theories abound about its creation. Before the first century A.D., Silphium, a heart-shaped seed pod, was used for birth control. Another theory suggests that early depictions of the heart as a representation of love began in France in 1250. Yet another theory involves a 14th-century Italian physicist attempting to draw the heart according to the findings of Aristotle.
Whatever its origin, we use the icon today, shaping our hands into a heart, whether for a photo or to show someone we care. Emojis in the heart shape (pick a color) fill our texts and posts. February is designated Heart Month to bring awareness to protecting and taking steps for better heart health.

What creates a happy heart?

Is it following your passion, also known as following your heart? Dr. Nikki Martinez, who wrote “10 Reasons to Follow Your Heart” for huffpost.com, suggests several profound reasons. She says that by following your heart, you’ll have fewer regrets, along with increased self-respect, self-knowledge, and forgiveness.

Many people follow their hearts by giving of themselves and offering aid to the disenfranchised in our community. Others teach, mentor, and volunteer to show love to their neighborhoods. Cannabis aids in combating stress, pain, and anxiety, which helps the heart physically and emotionally. Happiness and love pair well together offering many paths to a happy heart.

Sensi magazine embraces love with a pro-cannabis voice. Thank you for reading Sensi, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you, our readers.

Yours in the new normal,

Debbie Hall

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