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Satisfy carnivore desires at Big B’s Texas BBQ.

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Texans love to enjoy their succulent meat smoked, roasted, slow-cooked, or grilled barbecue style. Texas native Brian Buechner and his Estonian wife, Natalia, have transported that indescribable flavor of Texas barbecue to Vegas via Big B’s Texas BBQ.

Photos Courtesy of Big B’s Texas BBQ

Barbecue transcends many regions, and Big B’s Texas BBQ follows the traditions of the Hill Country using Texas mesquite and oak wood imported from the Lone Star State. This style of Texas barbecue is considered “purist barbecue,” explains Natalia. Quality meat is simply coated with only a dry rub of salt and pepper—never brined or injected—and smoked on wood for hours. Meats are then served on butcher paper with sauce on the side.

“I think it is really cool that the meat has been cooked for generations in the same exact way,” says Natalia.
Beef brisket, hot links, chicken, turkey, California-style tri-tip, and Southern-style pork are served alongside a selection of classic side dishes, beer, wine, and dessert.

Photos Courtesy of Big B’s Texas BBQ

Brian moved to Las Vegas more than 20 years ago for career opportunities but was unable to find authentic, traditional Texas barbecue in Vegas. Although not trained chefs, the couple decided to follow their dreams, opening their first location in Henderson in 2016. They recently opened a second location in Las Vegas with the same Texas flavor and, for sports fans, Texas games broadcast in the party room.

Locations in Henderson and Las Vegas

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