Geometric shapes and light shine in Neon Lit Mural.

Watch your eyes zig and zag in this mural.

Story Debbie Hall

February, 2020

When downtown Las Vegas becomes the playground for the Life is Beautiful festival (, street art becomes its canvas. Justkids, with artist Felipe Pantone, developed, curated, and co-produced the first-ever solar-powered mural for the 2017 festival. Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) and Bombard Renewable Energy collaborated on the project, transforming a neglected building into a work of art and hope. The monochromatic base contrasts with the abstract shapes and bright hues, drawing everyone’s attention. The renovation of downtown extends beyond the central hub to create communities.

Justkids is a global creative house that brings international artists together on inspirational projects. Pantone, an Argentine and Spanish artist, specializes in kinetic and street art using bold geometrical patterns and colors. Life is Beautiful returns to downtown Las Vegas September
18 to 20, with innovative installation and a celebration of art, music, comedy, and culinary delights.

Photos Debbie Hall

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