Editor’s Note: I feel no pressure to predict the next big thing for 2020.

Change can be scary but exhilarating.

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January, 2020

Yes, there are reports doing just that with trends, tweets, IGs, posts, and videos going viral. The landscape of Las Vegas continually changes with new resorts opening, the Raiders coming to town, and the debut of a consumption lounge on tribal land downtown. Top 10 lists detailing the best and worst of the year were broadcast with a forecast on what to expect for the upcoming year. Still, things can either happen or not happen due to a change in circumstances.

How is “the next big thing” defined for 2020? It could be as simple as a new dish (think avocado toast) or as life-changing as the legalization of cannabis in more states, or even federally. The next big thing could be a new romance, career change, becoming single, having a baby, or moving to a new home.

CES coming to Vegas in January showcases the latest in technology and gadgets. I love the newest innovations on my smartphone and tablet. I relish the change. I anticipate the most unique products and services life has to offer, whether on a large scale or in my own personal world.
Maybe it’s more of a mindset. After the chaos of the past year with politics, legal reversals, the economy, and culture division, the next big thing can be changing your attitude.

Change can be scary but exhilarating. We thank you, the reader, for taking us on your journey as we discover the next big thing and share the evolution. As Sensi magazine makes you think, laugh, explore, and share, we embrace the newness of the year for creation, originality, and accomplishment.

Debbie Hall

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