Badass bride and the hero R.U.N. for a last chance at love.


Story Debbie Hall and emwebadmin

December, 2019

Darkness devours the world outside of the glowing embers of Las Vegas, as holy matrimony tries to outshine the bleakness. The hero interrupts the wedding and, in true comic book fashion, the couple roars away in a high-speed chase as the Machiavellian gang follows. R.U.N., the live-action thriller produced by Cirque du Soleil, brings an apocalyptic world to the Luxor Hotel and Casino stage.

Montreal street artist Fluke and his team of graffiti artists from ASHOP Productions transformed the theater lobby into an urban city street, setting the mood. The world of good versus evil with heroes and villains comes alive with intricate combat scenes that push the boundaries of human endurance. Live action combined with film, cinematic projection, art, music, and dance engages the audience as fantasy and reality blend into authenticity. Hope reigns as the hero and bride battle for happiness. 

Luxor Hotel and Casino
R.U.N. Theater
3900 Las Vegas Blvd. S.

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