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Alcohol Prohibition, Local Brews, Icebar at The Linq Promenade and More

Stories Debbie Hall and Lisa Mayo-DeRiso
  • Experience alcohol Prohibition at The Underground. Read
  • Icebar at The Linq Promenade transforms the watering hole. Read
  • Local brews fill the taps at CraftHaus Arts District. Read
  • Dosist launches in Nevada. Read
  • While American culture worships the very young in socials and media, Boudoir For All ( photography captures in images that anyone over the age of 40, 50, 60, or beyond is still attractive, sexy, and desirable. Read
  • What Matters This Month by Stephanie Wilson Read
  • A competitive cannabis market serves the public best. Read

Under the Radar

Experience alcohol Prohibition at The Underground.

The prohibition of alcohol changed the fabric of the country. The Underground at The Mob Museum, located in the basement of the building, brings that era to life. Featuring a fully operational distillery and speakeasy with an authentic vibe, the Prohibition history exhibition transports guests back to the roaring 1920s.

The Underground brews and serves craft beer on-site as well as distills jars of moonshine in its “Virginia Still” (named after Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel’s girlfriend, Virginia Hill). Jars of moonshine are available for purchase. Artifacts from the 1920s and 1930s tell the intriguing story of the Prohibition era, a time of bootleg booze and organized crime. Enter The Underground at the secret side entrance with the password published daily on Instagram Stories @MobMuseum_Underground.

The Underground at The Mob Museum, 300 Stewart Ave.,

Frozen Bliss

Icebar at The Linq Promenade transforms the watering hole.

Icebar at The Linq Promenade, the new immersive ice attraction, chills cocktails and other drinks on the world’s largest, permanent bar made only of ice. A project of Minus5 Ice Experience, the distinctively cool vibe for people of all ages embraces an ice-cold environment all year-round. Signature frosty cocktails are served in glasses made entirely of ice for guests age 21 and older.

Icebar at The Linq Promenade, 3545 Las Vegas Blvd. S.,

A Cold One

Local brews fill the taps at CraftHaus Arts District.

This past fall, CraftHaus Brewery opened up an outpost called CraftHaus Arts District in downtown Las Vegas that’s quenching the thirst of beer fans. The new taproom offers 24 taps with 16 devoted to CraftHaus brews, and the rest for guest beers, cider, white wine, and Vesta Cold Brew coffee on Nitrogen.

The menu features beer-bacon jam made with CraftHaus beer and soft pretzels with beer cheese to pair with the brews. Chef James Trees of Esther’s Kitchen across the street brings in bites to enhance the tasting-room experience.

The interior of the 1,800-square-foot space is elevated with a clean design palette of concrete, marble, and signature CraftHaus green. The outside patio beckons patrons to relax during great weather days.

Owners Wyndee and Dave Forrest built their flagship CraftHaus Brewery in Henderson around a love of quality beer and community. On the wall, a custom 24-foot mural by artist Donovan Fitzgerald featuring a Jubilee!-inspired showgirl pays homage to the heart of Las Vegas.

CraftHaus Arts District, 197 E. California St.,

New Arrival

Dosist launches in Nevada.

Based in Los Angeles, Dosist has arrived in brick-and-mortar retail outlets in Las Vegas. Currently, there are 12 locations in Southern Nevada to purchase natural alternatives using active ingredients in cannabis for physical relief, health, and wellness. Six targeted formulas focus on different areas of well-being. This includes sleep, bliss, calm, relief, passion, and arouse. The proprietary medical-grade dose pen and dose dial deliver a precise dose each time.

Dosist / Dose Pen in 2.25-mg dose, 50 and 200 doses, $40–$100 / Dose Dial in 3.7-mg dissolvable tablet, $30 /

Transcending Beauty

The longer you’re alive, the older you get. While American culture worships the very young in socials and media, Boudoir For All ( photography captures in images that anyone over the age of 40, 50, 60, or beyond is still attractive, sexy, and desirable.

“We want to celebrate the essence of women over the age of 40 and older and have their beauty shine,” says Elle Abbott, owner and photographer.

“We also encourage men, non-binary, transgender, and other members of our community to show their sexy side at any age.”

Abbott started in photography using film as a young girl, switched to digital, and always maintained her interests in photography as an avocation. In 2019, she decided to take the leap and make photography her career with a focus on boudoir shots for women over 40, people of color, LGTBQ community, and other underrepresented segments of society. An advocate for cannabis, Abbott showcases shoots with cannabis prominently featured.

The most crucial factor is that when the client comes to her studio, they are totally comfortable. This can include shoots where the client is dressed in a sweater and covered with a blanket for cozy shots to wearing sexy lingerie for a sizzling session. Abbott encourages clients to bring their own outfits, but she does offer sensual props to enhance the mood.


What Matters This Month by Stephanie Wilson

1. Goals are the new resolutions. And since we’re in a new decade, let’s set loftier targets, hit them, surpass them. Where do you want to be in 2025? 2030? Start manifesting the life you want. In the shorter term, however…

2. Manifest the outfits you want by signing up for Nuuly clothing rental from Free People’s parent co. For just $88/mo., you get six temporary additions to your wardrobe—perfect excuse to try out new trends.

3. Be extra extra. I resolved to be just that at the start of last year. Met that goal and have a photo of the statement jacket I borrowed from Nuuly as proof. See @stephwilll if you’re curious just how extra “extra extra” is.

4. See Also: posts about my apartment/urban jungle.

5. Putting it out there now. I’m setting my first intention for 2020: I will get my place featured on Apartment Therapy as a home tour this year. Boom.

6. Wanna be my goal buddy? DM or post a comment—we’ll start a club. One with books and discussions involved. Community and knowledge will result. We’ll call it…The Book Club. Let’s do this.

Green Politics

A competitive cannabis market serves the public best.

The legalizing of cannabis in Nevada fulfilled two key goals of state government: bring diversity to the local economy and offer a consistent revenue stream for education. In the November 2016 election, when 602,463 voters approved the Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative, the people of Nevada were promised transparency, efficiency, and education funding. What we got instead is anything but.

Legalization was meant to increase revenue for the state and increase jobs in local economies. To realize these benefits, policymakers must ensure a competitive market that gives consumers a fair-market price and top-quality products.

This is achieved as long as there are many sellers for a competitive market. But over half of the state’s new dispensary licenses were awarded to just 3 percent of applicants. The other 97 percent of applications were denied.
The recent shoddy licensing process came under legal fire. Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez noted that the privileged license approval process was “arbitrary and capricious.” Its deficiencies enable state officials to pick winners and losers in a highly lucrative business lottery. Further, the judge said, transparency and procedural competence were lacking, jeopardizing Nevada’s long-standing licensing precedents and procedures.

An audit conducted November 7, 2019, substantiated the need to revise the application process with three key improvements: (1) Enhance the Transparency of the Licensing Process; (2) Automate the Application Scoring Process to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of data entry errors; and (3) Revise Statute to Reallocate Recreational Marijuana Licenses from Non-Participating Jurisdictions. The third revision alone could benefit the state almost $2.3 million in tax revenues per month while promoting a more competitive industry.

Keeping the cannabis industry competitive will enable it to produce maximum revenues, thus adding to the tax revenue for education, which was the promise that taxpaying voters are expecting. Politics can become the art of the possible, and the best of shared possibilities happens when leaders listen to their bosses—taxpaying citizens—and work in good faith for their constituents.

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