Laura Beebe and her motorcycle sisters, The Litas Humboldt, enjoy the thrill of taking the road less traveled.

The Scenic Route

Story Nora Mounce

December, 2019

Always an adventure-seeker, Laura Beebe, 31, discovered the thrill of riding motorcycles in the Emerald Triangle two years ago. “I find that living life on the edge makes me feel alive,” Beebe says. 

An avid surfer, Beebe found it hard to juggle her surf addiction with the demands of a full-time job. Riding gave her something she could do on her own time to get the blood flowing. “Let me tell you, nothing makes you feel more alive than riding through a rainstorm by yourself down Highway 101,” Beebe says. 

Most days, Beebe rides a Sportster 1200, and she always takes the scenic route. Though she typically rides by herself, Beebe is a member of The Litas, an all-inclusive women’s motorcycle group. “It has been such an honor to be a part of something so unique and uplifting,” Beebe says. The Humboldt chapter of The Litas formed recently and often organizes ladies’ rides for its “motorcycle sisterhood” throughout the back roads of the Emerald Triangle. 

“Humboldt County is such a beautiful place to ride a motorcycle—no traffic and endless back roads,” Beebe says. She’s also been charmed by how friendly folks are once she hops off her bike. “People love talking to you when you’re on a motorcycle,” she says. “You become more interesting, I guess!” 

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