Horseback tours through Mendocino beaches and redwood forests

Horseback tours through Mendocino beaches and redwood forests

Story Nora Mounce and emwebadmin

February, 2020

Mendocino County has a storied history as horse country, a tradition kept alive by cattle ranchers and summer rodeos. Knowing that the verdant forests and inspiring seascapes of Mendocino can be hard to contain in a single panorama, try getting a higher view from the gentle giants at Ricochet Ridge Ranch. Just north of Fort Bragg, the ranch was founded by legendary horsewoman Lari Shea more than 30 years ago. Today, Ricochet Ridge is operated by the Langevin family and continues to offer everyone from complete beginners to longtime riders a rare opportunity to experience the beauty of Mendocino County by horseback. 

With options ranging from one to four hours, Ricochet Ridge has a staff—horses included—that is skilled at making visitors feel comfortable in the saddle. After arriving at the ranch, riders are matched to an appropriate horse before receiving a safety briefing and overview. For the beach ride, the horses pick their way down a scenic trail, and in no time, riders are cresting the last sand dune to take in the stunning vista at Ten Mile Beach. While breaking into a trot or a canter is only permitted for experienced riders on extended private rides, walking along the crashing waves on a faithful steed is the perfect blend of thrilling and serene.  

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