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A recipe from the Gardens Project cookbook.

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Taste what local produce has to offer.

The Gardens Project recently compiled Lake and Mendocino county gardeners’ favorite recipes into a bilingual cookbook, Sharing the Bounty, available at the Gardens Project office and the online store. One hundred percent of profits from book sales are used to provide equipment and tools to low-income gardeners. Here is one of Sarah Marshall’s favorite recipes for winter and spring produce. 

Cabbage Kale Citrus Salad 

Vegan / Recipe by the Gardens Project / Makes 2-4 servings


For the dressing
¼ cup orange juice 
¼ cup rice vinegar 
1 teaspoon brown sugar 
¼ cup toasted sesame oil 
¼ cup soy sauce 
2 tablespoons dry mustard 

For the salad
1 head green cabbage 
1 bunch kale 
2½ oranges or mandarins 
½ cup sliced almonds 
Ginger, to taste
Freshly grated pepper,
to taste 
Edible flowers, if desired

  • Whisk together ingredients for dressing and set aside. 
    Finely shred cabbage and put in large bowl. 
  • Remove ribs from kale, stack several leaves together, roll up and slice into thin strips. Add to cabbage. 
  • Peel citrus and cut into ½ inch pieces. Toss together with greens and dressing.
  • Top with almonds and edible flowers and enjoy.

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