A local painter captures the sweetness of everyday life on the hill.

Hill Dog

Story Nora Mounce

February, 2020

From the time she could hold a paintbrush, Bianca Lago was an artist. As a teenager in Atlanta, Lago helped her mother paint murals and attended an alternative high school with a focus on the arts. Never losing her fascination with visual communication, Lago landed in Northern California to earn her BFA at Humboldt State University. For the past few years, Lago has largely supported herself through art sales and commissions, on such works as “Rebekah’s Dog.” She recently left the green cathedral of the Emerald Triangle for the thriving Bay Area art scene.

“I think it’s important to be constantly expanding my worldview and my mind,” Lago says. “My work will only be as good as the experiences I expose myself to, so I try to say ‘yes’ to as much as I can and make sense of life through careful visual representation.”
Lago painted “Rebekah’s Dog” from a photograph of a loyal
pit bull sitting in a greenhouse filled with plants. The final painting, oil on canvas, knowingly captures a sweet nostalgia for life behind the redwood curtain.

“We are all so close from floating away from everything we know,” Lago says. “I want to capture that feeling of barely holding on.”

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