A holiday story of what brought us to Detroit and what keeps our families growing.

This Is My Home

Story Mildred C. Hooper, Darralynn Hutson and emwebadmin

December, 2019

“When I was growing up in Mississippi, family was all we had,” says Mildred C. Hooper, mother of eight children, 10 grandchildren, and four great grandchildren who are all Detroit residents. “Most of us worked together, played together, cooked, and learned about life together. It just made sense that we’d take care of each other. 

“I was married at 16, and when my husband moved us here to Detroit from down South, his twin brother helped him get a job at General Motors, Cadillac. My sister-in-law helped us get settled. We built a life here and our family grew and grew. 

“My kids have gone all over the world, done all kinds of things. I’ve seen many Christmases, weddings, feuds, and new members of the family come and go. My kids ask me if I ever want to go back home to Mississippi. I say ‘No.’ Detroit is my home because it’s where my family resides. From the time I was a youngin’ till I’m dead in my grave, family is all I know, it’s all I’ve ever known, and that’s all right with me.” 

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