It’s the month of Presidents’ Day sales and romantic Valentine’s overtures.

Chocolates, flowers, and Starbucks gift cards.

Story Sat Panesar

February, 2020

Here in the Coachella Valley, February is filled with Modernism Madness for the mid-century architecturally keen, county fairs, date festivals, and, for business owners, the start of high season—that much-anticipated window of opportunity during which the nation’s affluent and folks from colder climes congregate to enjoy the pool-friendly weather of the desert. It’s a time restaurants are packed, hotels are at 100 percent capacity, and success is everywhere.

At Sensi, we cover these annual signature events and lifestyles, hopefully bringing a fresh perspective. We also look for stories on less-traveled paths. Cases in point: in this issue, we bring you accounts of local entrepreneurs launching local ventures, follow the adventures of the recently transplanted, and help you discover why successful executives from every field are choosing Coachella Valley to bring it all home.

And why Sensi? Because this magazine was born with the express purpose of sharing the health and wellness and medicinal benefits that CBD and cannabis can bring. And the businesses, the brands, the entrepreneurs, the executives moving this industry forward, they’re in our contact list. It’s our authenticity and our network that makes us unique.

So, bookmark us. Make us a habit. Pick up a copy on the first of each month. Pick up two and share. I guarantee that with our content, our events, and our partners in the industry, you’ll get expert advice and insider intel on all things plant-based health and wellness in the Valley—without having to give your search history over to Google and Facebook.

By the way, nice to meet you. I’m Sensi’s new managing editor for the Coachella Valley.

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