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Reefer Rendum - A Serious Yet Funny Look at Marijuana

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3160 Valley View
Las Vegas, NV 80102
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ReeferRendum is the new documentary or "potumentary" if you will by award-winning comedian Don Barnhart that explores the legalization of marijuana in America. Barnhart approaches the subject with a sincere, yet comedic tone shining light on both the medical and recreational industry. As of 2017, Marijuana became legalized for recreational use in the state of Nevada as well as many other states across the country. Barnhart explores this along with many other standup comedians sharing their insights and humor. As more and more states go bankrupt and politicians play both sides of the fence, it’s only a matter of time before the entire country repels it’s prohibition on marijuana. By legalizing marijuana, it’s keeps it out of the drug cartels and generates highly needed tax revenues not to mention the medical benefits that are still being discovered.

Reefer Rendum explores this topic with candid, honest and humorous interviews from politicians, lawmakers, Doctors and the general public as well as some of today's top comedians doing their funniest 420 based material.