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C.E. Hutton

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4610 S. Ulster St
Suite #150 Box 73
Denver, CO 80237

(303) 900-5147

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Business Hours

Monday 9:00 am 5:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 5:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am 5:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am 5:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am 5:00 pm

Founded 2017

C.E. Hutton is a minority-focused business consulting firm concentrated in the real estate, biotechnology, and technology sectors of the cannabis space.

The C. E. Hutton fund is founded on the principle of “True Diversity”, and is helping to build the foundations for empowerment in the cannabis and hemp industries by leveling the playing field for people of color seeking entry and expansion in the legal cannabis and hemp industries. The Fund focuses its investments in three key sectors: real estate, biotechnology, and technology. These sectors produce the most innovative and disruptive products and services that are changing the cannabis landscape, and thus creating profitable investment opportunities. (1) In Real Estate, the cannabis real estate industry consists of firms who engage in the acquisition, ownership, and management of specialized industrial and retail properties leased, or sold to state-licensed operators. (2) In Biotechnology, the biotechnology, or biotech, sector focuses on research, development, and commercialization of cannabinoid prescription medicines, which either consist of plant-derived cannabinoids or synthetic cannabinoids. The cannabis biotech subsector is one of cannabis's most capitalized subsectors with a market cap in excess of $5.7 billion, according to the Marijuana Index as of October 2017. (3) In Technology, cannabis technology companies are creating innovative and disruptive technology that is allowing cannabis stakeholders to operate more efficiently. This sector alone has a market cap in excess of $538 million, according to the Marijuana Index as of October 2017.

The Company’s mission is to provide equal-opportunity through education, management, mentoring and funding opportunities. Also, in addition to financial and investment services to entrepreneurs and small- to mid-size businesses within the legal marijuana industry, the Company offers a variety of business development and support services.

The Company provides business development services, including marketing research and reporting, business coaching, and business training.

Industries across the board recognize the value of cultural diversity among entrepreneurs, workforce, and investors. It’s a very important driver of innovation, growth, and problem solving; and is especially important in an industry that serves such a diverse client base. C.E. Hutton was founded to enrich and empower businesses that exemplify such ethical growth and longevity in the hemp and marijuana industries.

The C. E. Hutton Management team deploys a balanced and thorough review of all new acquisition prospects. The macroeconomic examination starts by externally assessing the viability of product offerings to various market segments, gaps, and consumer demographics; and internally assessing key personnel, processes, and core values.

C. E. Hutton is offering extremely high quality, relevant, timely and accurate services, and investment opportunities tailored toward its clients' individual needs, to enable them to make the right decisions that could help with the ultimate growth of their businesses, while benefiting the overall legalized industry.

By empowering cannabis entrepreneurs representing these communities with working capital as well as all the developmental tools and resources at the Company’s disposal, the Company hopes to be a significant force for creating the industry inclusion and success they want to see. For more information, please visit:

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