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Project 7 Security Group

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Founded 2013

The recently regulated sale and use of marijuana in California brings both good and bad times for legal growers and sellers of cannabis and related products. If your business has to do with cannabis and associated products you should take all your security precautions very seriously. We all understand that there has to be a free flow of cash and product for you to remain in business and be successful, and with the current inconsistencies between Federal, State and Local laws it makes it all the more difficult for you to protect your product and cash. BUT DON'T WORRY WE HAVE A SOLUTION! We provide: 1. The best (low profile) armed currency transport and protection specialist in the industry. 2. A thorough assessment of your current security protocols and hard upgrade recommendations 3. Secure * Non-Descript * off site currency storage location And much more, contact us today for an evaluation of your current security operations and a plan of action from Project 7 that will improve your security footprint and make your business surviablilty within reach.