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Sensi Magazine December 2019 - Pittsburgh Digital Edition

Dec 01, 2019 08:10AM ● By Doug Schnitzspahn
This cozy time of year can be hard on many people. Short days bring on depression, and the call to be happy and close to family can trigger difficult and deep-rooted pain. The city of Pittsburgh can be cold in the winter. But I think the stories in the pages of this magazine also prove that it’s a place where the community rallies to help those facing tough times. Our feature story on 412 Food Rescue proves that point. That people in Pittsburgh see themselves as a big family.
It’s a tough city. It’s a city that has seen boom, bust, and hard-nosed revival—and it’s a city full of love.
Gina Vensel, the publisher of Sensi Pittsburgh, epitomizes the way this city can unite to build a better place for everyone. I was lucky enough to be paired up with her during a team-building exercise at the annual Sensi Leadership Conference. She was born and raised here. She’s connected to Pittsburgh, from the nonprofit world to the local music scene. And she’s seen the community come together over tragedies and support one another after devastation. 
When I asked Vensel what makes Pittsburgh such a powerful community, she said this: “To truly be Pittsburgh Strong, we need to set aside what makes us different and focus on what we share in common—living in one of the best cities in the world. My hope for Sensi Pittsburgh is to create a community of caring and compassionate readers who want to help one another and uplift the community. What better way to end the year than with community in mind? Smile at a stranger, donate to a cause that matters to you, take time for an old friend. When we take time to acknowledge that we are all in this together and to connect authentically, that is the true meaning of being Pittsburgh Strong.”
It’s people like Vensel, 412 Food Rescue’s Leah Lizarondo, and others you’ll read about in this magazine—whether they are working to ease pain though medical cannabis solutions, helping to feed the hungry, or just mixing up a holiday treat—who bring light to the dark days. Let’s all celebrate the vibrancy of this city this season.

Doug Schnitzspahn // [email protected]

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