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Sensi Magazine November 2019 - North Bay PREMIERE Digital Edition

Oct 31, 2019 11:17AM ● By Doug Schnitzspahn

Sensi is a lifestyle. It’s a way of interacting  with the world and the community around us that cultivates a respect for our health and well-being. It’s a promise to live our best lives, to appreciate everything from art exhibitions to vinyasa yoga to anime conventions to the verdant green of a golf course. Sensi is about laughing and enjoying time with friends. It’s about speaking up, listening carefully, and making a difference in a world filled with so much background noise. Sensi is a future full of promise. This is us. This is how we live our lives. We hope to share that full vibe with you and learn and grow with you. 

With that philosophy in mind, we are overjoyed to welcome you to the first issue of Sensi magazine in the North Bay. We founded this magazine four years ago with a passion to speak to our community. Every month, Sensi will entertain and (we hope) educate you with both national and local content that speaks to our mission and values. Look for features and service pieces that will connect you to this urban hotspot and the wider Sensi family. 

From Sausalito to Sonoma, the North Bay is a place where creativity, progressive thought, tradition, and a love of the good things in life all go hand in hand. People come here to make the life they always wanted. Just take a look at the founders of Duke’s Spirited Cocktails (page 16), who turned their dream into a reality. Or owner Kashy Khaledi and estate chef Ethan Speizer, who have transformed the common image of a winery at Ashes & Diamonds into a new classic (page 40). It’s this desire to make dreams tangible—OK, and maybe the stunning landscape—that brings visitors here from across the planet. 

With its focus on defining the new normal, Sensi is a natural fit for the North Bay. We are proud to launch in this community and speak to its unique mindset. We can’t wait for you to join us. 

Doug Schnitzspahn // [email protected] 

Click on the image below to read the November 2019 issue of Sensi Magazine — North Bay Edition