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Sensi Magazine November 2019 - Detroit Digital Edition

Oct 31, 2019 11:09AM ● By Darralynn Hutson

Now is the time  to talk about gratitude. 

The question of gratitude to an entrepreneur is one that boils up continuously and furiously without ever reaching any kind of satisfactory conclusion. For both the consumer and the business owner, it’s not easy to know exactly what to be grateful for when you are still in ‘hustle’ or survival mode. Sensi Detroit pays tribute to these warriors of hustle-dom because we are grateful that so many Detroiters are doing it for themselves. 

It’s impossible for us not to mention the topic of grateful entrepreneurs when our cover features Anqunette Sarfoh, a serial cannabis entrepreneur who has garnered a great deal of attention and praise as she builds her role as a poster child for the cannabis lifestyle. Our cover story delves into her endearing resilience and beautiful advocacy. Meanwhile, Bronzed N Glow retail space is working on keeping women of color at the forefront of the beauty narrative. We are also grateful for third-generation business owner Grace Keros, who, while continuing a 100-year-old legacy of ownership, puts family, community, and God first. 

This issue was put together under tight deadlines and we are all very grateful to the people of Detroit, who stepped up speedily to put their entrepreneurial dreams on display. They were enthusiastic about sharing their gratitude, which is not a standard response when asked your goals for a new year. It seems strange to me that while the rest of the world is desperate to gain wealth and power, some of our most successful owners appear to be thankful. In my opinion, they deserve our support. 

As the new managing editor for Sensi’s Detroit edition, I look forward to seeing how natives adapt this vision of gratitude. As a mother and a woman in her early 50s, I still dream of my penthouse corner office, but I also promise to take advantage of the powerful position to open up the industry’s image a bit wider for those looking for exposure. 

Darralynn Hutson // [email protected] 

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