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Sensi Magazine November 2019 - Emerald Triangle Digital Edition

Oct 31, 2019 10:37AM ● By Nora Mounce


In every issue, we print a mere slice of what makes the Emerald Triangle so damn special by sharing voices and faces from the community. This November, we got downright microscopic by examining the “Life & Style” behind our unique culture. Whether that means the boots we wear to dinner or how we raise our children, a distinctive style and way of life is undoubtedly on display this far north.

“We tend to think more freely and create idealistic lives,” says Lelehnia DuBois, Trinity County native and publisher of Sensi Emerald Triangle. “Many of us spend more time with nature than we do with people.” The sentiment that nature reigns is baked into our history. For centuries, the Wiyot, Karuk, Hupa, and Yurok tribes existed peacefully throughout the Six Rivers watershed, living richly off the region’s abundant resources. Since the mid nineteenth century, thousands have been drawn north to harvest the mighty redwoods, fish the rivers and oceans, and cultivate cannabis in the countryside. Like all post-colonial communities struggling to find a balance in a globalized world, environmentalists, activists, and tribal leaders are actively collaborating to heal the land, sea, and trees that make the Emerald Triangle such a beautiful—and challenging—place to live. As you read about fashion, parenting, online dating, legalization, independence, mushrooms, and honeybees this November, you will find that the common tie is resilience and a connection to nature.

After landing here behind the redwood curtain, we discover the ethos of living with nature and independence is quickly apparent. Loyalty to local brands, farmers, and independent makers are on display at the farmer’s market, dispensary, and most of all, in the fashions seen throughout the community. With comfort and utility taking top priority, creativity and a commitment to sustainability are rarely forgotten.

I hope you enjoy flipping through these pages. It was our pleasure to pour life and style into every story.

With love + luck,


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