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Sensi Magazine October 2019 - Southern Colorado Digital Edition

Sep 30, 2019 09:09AM ● By Stephanie Wilson


Right before I sat down to start writing this note, I was out walking my dog (read: procrastinating) and there was that telltale snap to the air, the signal that fall has arrived to usher out the remaining days of summer whether we’re ready or not. I tell myself and everyone who will listen that I’m never ready for the autumnal equinox to put an official period on the end of the best season; I want more days by the pool in the sun. And I really believe I do. But then some innate part of my brain takes over, and I start to crave the comfort of chunky sweaters, orange-hued decor accents, and steaming bowls of ramen (my comfort food of choice last winter). 

This time of year, our bodies are primed for change, cued not only by our natural surroundings but by something more instinctual. After college, I sprinted south to the tropics of Miami, where September and October don’t bring cool nights and crisp mornings; they bring hurricanes and humidity so stifling you feel like you’re swimming through it. Yet come mid-September, my reptilian brain would say it’s time to start layering up, and I’d find myself pulling on neutral sweaters over the bright tanks I wore like a uniform in June, July, and August. 

This is all a long way of saying change is in the air this time of year. Literally, where foliage is involved. Crazy bright beautiful leaves painting the world with swaths of hues that define these months. 

If you haven’t picked up on October’s theme yet: it’s change. The only constant. The cover article is perhaps the best manifestation in this issue; a few years ago, plant medicine was just for the woo-woo. Today, it’s a standard part of life for people in the Aspirational Class—a category of individuals whose status is defined by cultural sophistication rather than conspicuous consumption. Think: yoga, meditation, Whole Foods, organic everything, Slow Food (brought to Colorado by our cover star, Peggy Markel). 

It won’t be long until someone opens the Canyon Ranch of cannabis—and I aspire to be there when it does. 

You’ll probably find me lounging by the resort’s pool. Some things never change, even if wardrobes do. 

Stephanie Wilson 


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