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Sensi Magazine October 2019 - Los Angeles Digital Edition

Sep 30, 2019 08:50AM ● By Dawn Garcia


Change can be paralytic to some, but to others, it’s a chance for a do-over. And these days, who doesn’t want a chance for a redo? The fact of the matter is, we become unique individuals throughout our lives, adapting our own world views, ideologies, how we love, how we live, how we work, how we parent, how we survive, and how we grow. Take a chance; try something different. 

Change can be anything from systemic to personal, but one thing is for certain—we all must be open to it. No one ever became their best selves by staying stagnant and being creatures of habit. There is a terrific anonymous quote, “Sometimes the fear won’t go away, so you’ll have to do it afraid.” That should be the motto for the rest of this year. We need to thrust ourselves into a state of discomfort and then navigate from there. 

This issue encourages the notion that our safe space is on the verge of dull and begging for a little upheaval. Living a bit more extroverted, taking more risks, and making sure you feel alive are things within your grasp. I’m not saying you have to jump out of a plane and skydive, staring earth down—but I’m also not discouraging it. 

This month, we realize the value of cinema, the importance of travel, the knowledge and value of hemp and hemp farmers. We explore truly sensational and culturally influential events happening throughout the city, and we dare to push our own boundaries. 

Fall is a pivotal season. It represents change, in every way— from trees shedding their leaves to the scorching sunshine dialing it down a few notches to make way for more temperamental weather. Don’t be afraid to shake things up this month. If you’re steadily facing down age, remind yourself what it’s like to be carefree like a teenager. If you’re young, revel in it because it will be gone faster than you can imagine. If you’re curious, open your arms and dive on in. 

Change is here. You ready for it? 

Live boldly and curiously, 

Dawn Garcia 


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