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The Nineties are Back

Sep 30, 2019 03:11PM ● By Dawn Garcia
A 1990s costume-filled evening of spoken word, live music, a dance party, visual arts, scrumptious wine, and tasty food.

Mixed tapes used to be my jam. Anyone with a pulse in the ‘90s who found John Hughes to be the guide to young love remember the Fresh Prince of Bel Air before Will Smith was singing “Summertime” or saving the world from alien invasion. What about Nirvana, Lenny Kravitz, Beastie Boys, House of Pain, Missy Elliot, Salt n Peppa, or Alanis Mo risette? The music that shaped minds and encouraged rebellion in line with the 1960s, that was an era worth remembering. While the era may have taken place nearly 30 years ago, celebrating the incredibly interesting time of the 1990s is happening in the heart of San Diego for one unforgettable dance party, a spoken word series, pop-up art classes, and exhibitions, including San Diego Museum of Man’s Post Secret Street Team, who will be presenting the Soviet Poster Show. There will also be fashion and special effects makeup classes.

Presented by Vanguard Culture, a nonprofit founded by Susanna Peredo Swap to further the creative industries of San Diego, this quarterly spoken-word series is themed around the culture of the ‘90s. With wild fashion, edgy bands, unique dance moves, and politically and socially motivated art, the 1990s changed the world. At the beginning of this decade, the world watched as the Berlin Wall fell, giving life to a surge of nonconformist art and music that tapped into the notion that no one was going to allow further oppression. It was a loud era that inspired much of today’s contemporary art and gave birth to a new revolution. Punk rock was still hanging on, spoken word took center stage, and the age of expression came to life. The era also gave life to a new mobility and famed placelessness for many writers, and the literature to follow mirrored the coming of a new generation.

Vanguard Culture provides a sea of opportunities for creatives and art journalists, and its sole focus is bringing a diverse community together through the visual, performing, and culinary arts. The Breakroom Nineties event is co produced by California Poet Laureate nominee Gil Sotu and will have a colorful selection of food, visual art, music, dance, and spoken word. Guests are encouraged to dress in ‘90s themes and stay for the epic dance party.