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Current: LA Food

Sep 30, 2019 03:12PM ● By Dawn Garcia
Art is the voice of this city. It is used to find grounding, to speak out, to provoke civic discourse, and to bring us together. The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs is designed to do precisely that, and as a result has funded a new creative program called CURRENT: LA. In each of the city’s 15 council districts, local, national, and international artists and creative groups will take on the topic of food.

The exhibitions will be month-long installations through-out the city. Much like a family gathers in the kitchen, these exhibitions will create a new dialogue by introducing and educating locals about urban agriculture, food distribution systems, food equity, and food deserts. From October 5 through November 3, Angelenos are invited to inspire neighborhoods and help change the infrastructures that inhibit people from accessing quality food and produce.

Few things are as effective and necessary as food. It is imperative to our survival, yet too few communities in the city have access to better choices. CURRENT: LA FOOD aims to change that. “By offering events for free in public parks, CURRENT: LA FOOD invites people to engage with food issues, building a civic dialogue that challenges us as a human family,” says Danielle Brazell, general manager of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. “We hope residents and visitors alike will experience as many of these unique events as they can, exploring the art, the urgent issues, and the city itself.”

Working with Mayor Eric Garcetti and several other city organizations, including the Institute of Contemporary Art, this project will share work from multiple artists showcasing our relationship to food as well as one another. This multi culturally inclusive public art experience features a vegan food experience; bread workshops rooted in South American, Middle Eastern, and African traditions; Foodscapes Festival; solar cooking workshops; The Art of Food; a sound performance with tea service; a Sustainable Urban Food Systems Summit; Rainbow Feast; a Muscle House Cookbook performance series; and a Family + Food = Love: A Parent Appreciation Picnic.