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Promotional Feature : "Mountain High Suckers - One Sweet Edible"

Sep 17, 2019 09:22PM ● By Marketing SENSI MAG
Chad Tribble moved to the Denver area right out of college in Michigan in 1996 to do some rock climbing, when he met fellow enthusiast John Garrison.

That meeting/friendship would culminate in a cannabis infused edibles business, Mountain High Suckers, that evolved from a grow operation into one of the most unique edibles in the industry.

Tribble’s aha moment came when he was in a dispensary in 2009. A guy walked in with a tray of cellophane wrapped products. “It was hilarious,” he says.

“This guy says they were s’mores. And I thought that was a good idea. Then I started seeing cookies being sold. So I thought, ‘It’s not just weed; something is going to come out of this.’”

He found a book about how to make candies and got interested in making suckers especially the challenge of infusing cannabis while keeping the sucker form. “I thought that would be a really interesting edible,” he says.

He learned about extraction processes online, and researched the famous Rick Simpson oil and studied its development. He took Simpson’s recipe and changed it over the years to make his own ethanol extracted oil.

In 2010, Tribble was still making suckers out of his house when he got his marijuana infused products (MIPS) license from the state. “One day, I was delivering to one of the dispensaries, and a woman was walking out with a big grin. She asked me if I was the one that made the suckers. I said yes, and she told me about how it was helping her live better,” he says. “That was such a turning point to me about how my product was affecting people’s lives.”

He submitted the oil to a Colorado lab, and the lab tech was surprised that it had a high percentage of CBD. “I said, ‘This is so cool. What is CBD?’” (He learned: it’s one of the chemicals, like THC, produced by the cannabis plant, often associated with medicinal benefits.)

He and Garrison then decided to focus their grow primarily on genetics. “We were the first THC/CBD edible company in America with a tried and true recipe.”

Today, with eight employees, Mountain High Suckers makes 34 flavor formulations for medical suckers, and around 14 flavors for the adult-use side. The company is looking to train partners in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Michigan beginning in January 2020.

For more information, visit:MOUNTAINHIGHSUCKERS.COM