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Promotional Feature : "Llamaste - Health, Balance, and Harmony"

Sep 14, 2019 11:48PM ● By Marketing SENSI MAG
About five years ago, entrepreneur, artist, and health coach Bill Ades drew a picture of a llama in a lotus pose on the back of an envelope. He was talking and joking about llamas with his 12 year old son. Ades also wrote down Llamaste, a combination of yoga and llama that has since evolved into a yoga business and a brand. Since October 2013, he has developed his logo, established the company name, and gone through the careful step-by-step trademarking process, learning during that time how the llama totem represents balance and harmony.

“We are a yoga startup company,” he says. “Around the end of 2015, I decided to become certified teaching yoga myself and promote Llamaste not only through products but through this practice. I wanted to establish this community where yoga is available to all people regardless of their level of expertise, and make it fun.” 

Llamaste now has two other yoga teachers on staff and continues to add more classes per week. Ades received his 500 hour yoga teacher’s certification through a yoga-training program.

He is creating t-shirts, other athletic gear (tops, leggings, and headbands), yoga mats, and mat cleaners, with the goal of launching Llamaste’s branded athletic line of products by September. No THC or CBD oil products, or any cannabis-related products, will be developed or offered. “I am sticking to one focus,” Ades says. “I do have hemp oil in one of my sprays.”

Ades says he has two other goals before the end of the year. One is to relocate Llamaste’s yoga studio and boutique, which is located in a trendy area of Brooklyn, to a larger storefront that has more exposure to pedestrian traffic as well as a space to teach yoga. He also plans to contact more higher-end athletic chain stores and boutiques to feature and sell Llamaste products.

“They can buy them at our wholesale cost and then sell them for whatever price they want,” he says.

Because Llamaste has an e-commerce presence, he will be contacting resellers nationwide and working on getting a yoga subscription service on its website so people can do yoga in their own homes. Llamaste currently offers yoga videos and streaming yoga classes.

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