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Sensi Magazine September 2019 - San Diego Digital Edition

Sep 01, 2019 06:46AM ● By Dawn Garcia


The world once believed that the Louvre in Paris was the first public art museum of global importance when it opened in 1793. However, it seems the Italians had started nearly 60 years earlier in 1734 with the opening of the Capitoline Museum in Rome. And as art historians delve deeper, it’s no surprise that new information about humans finding themselves drawn to places housing artwork by famed and novice artists is continually resurfacing. 

No matter when it began, the world’s fascination with sculptures, paintings, and drawings became a way of advancing our cultures and understanding one another in ways only art could allow. In the modern world of contemporary art, the voices of many are sounding louder than ever. We see it on public murals, which can be likened to early man when cave drawings were created to tell the story of their people; we see it on public sculptures and architecture that line our streets and fuel our cities; and we experience it in an abundance of museums and art galleries that have something to say—and we are privileged to walk through them. 

Art is culture. The very notion that human beings are capable of creating works of extraordinary social, political, and creative importance is what exemplifies our very humanity. Art is a nonviolent way to express oneself. The truth of who we are as a people seems to find its most honest form of expression through artistic creation and innovation. 

This month we explore how cartoonists, painters, photographers, and visionaries open our eyes to a more colorful and textural world. We explore a city with a sordid past, local events, activism, and nature, and we dare ourselves to see the world through different lenses. Whatever you do, do it with eyes wide open and an inclination to see a bit of wonder in everything around you. Get lost in a bit of surrealism and take a few steps outside of your comfort zone. 

Be inspired, 


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