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Sensi Magazine September 2019 - Las Vegas Digital Edition

Sep 01, 2019 08:06AM ● By Debbie Hall


Yes, Las Vegas is a cultural destination with 114 years of innovative architecture, enduring artistic creations, and musical icons throughout the years. Today, culture is expanding and growing in southern Nevada as both locals and tourists enjoy more than neon lights, gaming, and strip clubs. Las Vegas combines the gaudy, sleazy, profound, original, urban, rural, and pioneering spirit into an artistic scene like no other in the world. 

Culture is not just emerging in southern Nevada, but has always been an epicenter of the desert. Theater companies, operas, art galleries, orchestras, ballet, poetry slams, museums, dance groups, and musicians are celebrating decades of adding to the fabric of Vegas. Opera Las Vegas, Vegas City Opera, and Nevada Opera Theater have been hitting the high notes to the delight of many. Classical orchestras such as the Henderson Symphony Orchestra and Las Vegas Philharmonic perform the music of the masters while adding a new sound with emerging composers and musicians. Beautiful ballet dancers glide across the stage with programs by the Nevada Ballet Company. Over 10 theater companies in Vegas dramatize life throughout the Valley. Art plays a vital role from street art to up-and-coming local talent to icons from the past. Local governments sponsor concerts and programs, while college and high schools entertain with young talent. 

Art communicates. Rock, pop, rap, and classical music send a message. Visual imagery signifies expression. It is a chance to look at the world from a new perspective. 

Culture embraces the soul of people, capturing the past, present, and future. Whether it was created in the 1800s, 1900s, or today, the interior face of society comes forward in creativity and those who embrace it. 

Plan on attending a play, engaging in an exhibit, and taking pleasure in a performance in one of the most colorful, diverse, and expansive cities globally. Thank you for reading Sensi while we explore the world together. 

Yours in the new normal, 


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