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Sensi Magazine September 2019 - Boston Digital Edition

Sep 01, 2019 08:09AM ● By Stephanie Wilson


Welcome to September, everyone. Move-in is upon us, as a whole lot of college students return to the city for the start of the fall semester at one of the region’s bastions of higher education—among the best in the country, no doubt. 

Which is why the cover story this month focuses on “higher learning”—schools across the country are adding cannabis courses and degrees to the curriculum to meet the growing demand from industry employers who have jobs to fill but no qualified candidates to hire. Give it a few years, and the first students with four-year undergraduate degrees in the subject will be graduating. In the meantime, wherever you matriculate, there are options. That includes if you matriculate nowhere but your couch— institutions like the University of Vermont offer online programs. 

Speaking of area institutions, this month, Peabody Essex Museum’s $125 million expansion project is ready to make its public debut, and when it does, PEM will become one of the largest art museums on the continent—and definitely the largest one not in an urban center. Not that it’s very far from the city, just a half-hour or so, and it’s a drive you should take. We’ve got details about the Salem landmark’s long history, its new wing, and the forthcoming exhibitions and fresh galleries worthy of your cultural attention. 

September is our annual arts & culture issue—a celebration of acquired tastes and refined activities. Summer is on its last legs, football is back in season (go Tom go), the leaves up north are getting ready to go out in a burst of color that calls to anyone with a car and a Sunday afternoon to spare. Take the time to go explore this month. Learn something new. Appreciate the art that surrounds us in this city—where there are more cultural districts than in any other metropolis. There’s probably one within walking distance of you right now. The sun’s probably out, the weather this time of year is stellar. Go explore. 

Surround yourself with the fruits of creative labors and you’ll elevate your state of mind, find new sources of inspiration. Your life is a work of art in progress. Now’s a good time to work on it. 


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