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Sensi Magazine September 2019 - Southern Colorado Digital Edition

Sep 01, 2019 08:10AM ● By Stephanie Wilson


Welcome to September, everyone. It’s harvest time in Colorado wine country, and if the expert sources in our cover feature are to be believed, your new favorite wine just may be from Colorado. I’ll cheers to that.

This month is a time of transition, as summer is ushered out by fall and parents usher their kids back to school where it’s a whole new year. The special report this month focuses on “high-er learning”—colleges across the country are adding cannabis courses and degrees to the curriculum to meet the growing demand from industry employers who have jobs to fill but no qualified candidates to hire. Give it a few years, and the first students with four-year undergraduate degrees in the subject will be graduating. In the meantime, wherever you matriculate, there are options. That includes if you matriculate nowhere but your couch—institutions across the country offer online courses. And right in our backyard, CU Pueblo is one of the first bastions of higher education to offer a cannabis minor program.

This is also our annual arts & culture issue—a celebration of acquired tastes and refined activities. Summer is on its last legs, football is back in season, the aspens up north are starting to get that golden glow. Take the time to go explore. Learn something new. Appreciate the art that surrounds you.

You’re literally covered in it. Fashion is a wearable art form (and there’s a museum exhibit in town to prove it), and it’s just one of many forms we cover in this issue. The issue is an ode to the creative class, to the people who make the things that make our lives better. It’s a celebration of the art of living, and a guide to doing that well. To living a life of substance and style. And ultimately, it’s meant to be a motivating reminder that beautiful things can emerge if you give yourself space to create.

In living color,


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