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Sensi Magazine September 2019 - Denver/Boulder Digital Edition

Sep 01, 2019 08:12AM ● By Stephanie Wilson


September is a time of transition. As the last dog days of summer fade into fall, we are ready to return to a higher level of living, a standard perhaps instilled in us as children head-ing back to school—ideally dressed in a fresh wardrobe that spoke volumes to the world (your classmates) about how this is a new year, a new you, wiser, better, a whole lot hipper than when they saw you last. You’re trending up, so stylish you’re timeless.

Or maybe that was just my inner back-to-school monologue. It’s definitely the sentiment I am going for in this September Issue, capital I in honor of the documentary by that name that showcases what it takes for Anna Wintour to put together the biggest issue of Vogue’s calendar year—a film that in no small way inspired our leading feature this month on Encounter Hat Co., makers of the haute headwear adorning the model on our cover. The story isn’t about her; it’s about the two young guys—former college football players, bro dudes, who teamed up after separate stints playing football in Europe and launched a high-end fashion brand that makes custom hats coveted by style-seek-ing millennials eager to spend their discretionary income on statement pieces with a story. Encounter has a great one so far, and the next chapter starts this month—set in Paris at Fashion Week Studio, where a collaboration with designer C.R.Lee sends models wearing Encounter down the runway. It’s a big moment.

It’s a big month. Fashion is a wearable art form, and it’s just one of many kinds we cover in this issue. It’s an ode to the creative class, to the people who make the things that make our lives better. It’s a celebration of the art of living, and a guide to doing that well. To living a life of substance and style. And ultimately, it’s meant to be a motivating reminder that beautiful things can emerge if you give yourself space to create.

In living color,

Stephanie Wilson // Editor in Chief // SENSI MAGAZINE

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