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Promotional Feature : "Green Goddess Supply - The Grow Kit As Just Another Piece Of Furniture In Your Living Room"

Aug 30, 2019 01:23PM ● By Chitresh Gupta
Wouldn’t it be great to have a piece of furniture in your living room growing just enough cannabis for your own personal use? All set up and ready to go right out of the box? No outrageous tents, no dedicated installed pipes, no precise measuring of soil nutrients and exact placement of lights?

That’s what Eric Robichaud, CEO of Massachusetts based Green Goddess Supply, thought when he first laid eyes on a partner’s grow kit concept, basically an all-inclusive grow operation that looks a bit like a free-standing clothing armoire but comes with everything needed except for water, seed and soil to grow your own cannabis at home, plus a small camera inside the unit to monitor growth from any Wi-Fi location.

The biochamber system, dubbed The Armoire, was recently brought to market by Green Goddess Supply, a company Robichaud founded in 2015 while working in an interactive agency he opened 25 years ago. Green Goddess Supply sells vapes, metal pipes, grinders, old-school dugouts, and other accessories for the cannabis smoking consumer.

The grow kit was an idea that Robichaud’s friend, Vincent Bitetti, came up with after working as a cannabis grow consultant in California.

He and Robichaud, both with backgrounds in marketing, had collaborated on hundreds of products over the 25 years they have known each other. But this was something different. “For two years, I watched Vincent work on his prototypes and saw the plants he was growing,” Robichaud says. “And said, ‘Wow, I want one.’ He said ‘Yeah, that’s what everybody says.’”

By mid to late2016, Bitetti told Robichaud he was ready to bring the grow kit to market. They did a deal. “I already had a website and other infrastructure to build a brand all set up,” Robichaud says. “I already have a team of people here.”

The Armoire was brought into the Green Goddess fold. “We call it furniture-inspired,” Robichaud says. “It’s the Goldilocks of grow systems, meaning it’s not too small and not too big.”

Robichaud is jazzed about his jump from interactive agency software guy to cannabis entrepreneur. “The cannabis space reminded me of the early days of the PC revolution. All of a sudden, because of the Armoire, I got that feeling again, and I was invigorated and inspired. So, I sold my agency to focus exclusively on this new opportunity.”

Over the last two years, Robichaud says, he and Bitetti have continued to grow the brand with more cannabis consumer accessories, in addition to bringing the Armoire to market and working on wooden cannabis storage solutions.

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