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Aug 30, 2019 09:09PM ● By Robyn Lawrence
GET IN IT FOR THE MONEY. “There’s a perception that we’re printing dollars in the back room and that’s going to flow to everyone we hire,” says Wana edible company founder Nancy Whiteman. “We have to watch costs and margins like any other business perhaps more so.”

WRITE “LOOKING FOR WORK” OR “SEEKING OPPORTUNITIES” AS YOUR MAIN IDENTIFIER on LinkedIn and other career networking sites. Let people know what you’re good at and be specific about what you want.

POST A CANNABIS LEAF AS YOUR PHOTO on social profiles and/or call yourself anything resembling Dank or Dabby or sweet Mary Jane.

CALL YOURSELF A “LIFESTYLE BRAND.” Nobody knows what that means.

PARADE YOUR PROBLEMS, personal or otherwise, in front of professionals on social media.

RELENTLESSLY STALK POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS AND MENTORS ONLINE AND IN PERSON. If and when you do meet your prey, bitterly tell them, “I emailed you.”

PLAY IT CASUAL by showing up for an interview wearing flip-flops and smoking a joint. “It happens surprisingly often,” says dispensary owner and CEO Wanda James. “Would anyone go to an interview at [Sam Adams] with flip-flops on a beer in their hand? You wouldn’t do it. So why would you come to us thinking, ‘They get high, they’ll be cool with it’? No, I am not.”

SHOW OFF your extensive knowledge of growing, selling, or consuming cannabis. “Somebody who thinks they know everything will be difficult to train,” says Blüm dispensary’s co-founder Salwa Ibrahim.

USE SLANG TERMS FOR CANNABIS. “At this point, it should be common knowledge that the word marijuana was formed as a racially motivated tactic. There’s no excuse for it in an industry built on activism against the drug war,” says Sebastian Nassau, co-founder of Cultivated Synergy cannabis co-working space in Denver.

MAKE STONER JOKES. It’s 2019. Just don’t.