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Promotional Feature : "Canna Hemp - Better Together"

Aug 30, 2019 08:58PM ● By Chitresh Gupta
When looking for award-winning, broad spectrum CBD products that are nanoparticulated to ensure total absorption, both topically and internally, and are all natural and organic, Canna Hemp offers an incredible line of products. The suite of Canna Hemp products can be found in over 800 retail outlets (such as dispensaries, wellness and spa boutiques, CBD shops, smoke and vape stores, and even general retail outlets) across 46 US states as well as via its e-commerce platform, so relaxation, recovery, and relief from pain are easily accessible.

Canna Hemp offers a wide variety of products, including tinctures and elixirs, vape pens, and cartridges, lightly scented or unscented lotions, lip balms, and creams (like the CBD Relief Cream that won best-in-state topical by Leafly in Nevada). Each product offers full-absorption either through all layers of the skin or digested into the blood stream.

The Canna Hemp line was developed with advanced research to serve a clientele that is seeking the highest quality natural (and organic when possible) ingredients to complement their active lifestyles. The brand is made for almost everyone, from an athlete using the Canna Hemp X cream for recovery or someone who needs the benefits of Calm, Euphoria, Relief, Focus, or Sleep from the TerpFX line, which contain the Canna Hemp proprietary blend of cannabis-derived terpenes that mimic cannabis while maintaining a 100 percent THC-free status making it more accessible nationwide. The inclusion of terpenes in conjunction with CBD creates the entourage effect, which increases the efficacy of the products.

Despite being a relatively young brand, Canna Hemp is backed by an impressive team led by CEO and founder Chris Rebentisch and president Ester Vigil, who bring an immense level of manufacturing and product development knowledge via backgrounds in cosmetic sales and manufacturing. That combined expertise gives insight into what customers are looking for when seeking a CBD product, as evidenced by Canna Hemp’s 8,000 percent revenue growth in two years, giving the company the distinction of being one of the largest CBD wellness companies in the marketplace.

Whether it’s to help you excel at your sport or to facilitate pain relief, relaxation, or recovery, the Canna Hemp line has something for you.

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