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What Can Make Me Feel This Way

Aug 30, 2019 08:45PM ● By Marketing SENSI MAG
It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon, and we’re settled into a table at Habana, a beloved Orange County restaurant known for its authentic Cuban plates, cocktails, and atmosphere. The vintage design and historic culture seems beautifully ironic given that we’re here to discuss the future of women’s health and wellness.

I recently met Kim Kovacs, the founder of MyJane, and we became fast friends. Before starting MyJane, Kovacs enjoyed a distinguished career in executive leadership and finance. A serial entrepreneur and investor in software as a service, technology, agriculture, and health, Kovacs has personally raised more than $100 million for the ventures she’s led, according to Women for One (WOMENFORONE.COM). Kovacs is an active angel investor, advisor, and executive consultant for emerging companies that she is passionate about. An inspiration to many, she is also an involved mother to her two children and four stepchildren.

Kovacs initially entered the cannabis space as an investor to raise awareness around cannabis use in an effort to fight the nation’s opioid epidemic. After watching a relative with chronic pain make the switch from opioids to cannabis, she felt the need to get involved. The origin of MyJane is impressive. It began precluding a first of its kind study among 42,000 women in Orange County. This survey simply asked women what they wanted and listened to the answers. The results showed that 79 percent of the women agree that their most common health and wellness issues can be addressed with cannabis products, according to a just-released survey conducted by San Diego based research firm GroupSolver. The survey also revealed the state of Orange County cannabis usage, documenting that up to 40 percent of Orange County respondents who experience stress and anxiety, sleep issues, or pain turn to cannabis for relief. However, approximately 30 percent of recreational or medicinal cannabis users feel uncomfortable purchasing through a dispensary, with 79 percent of respondents expressing interest in trying a curated cannabis subscription service just for women.

These findings revealed a gap in cannabis education and accessibility in Orange County. Kovaks and a founding team of entrepreneurs Ryan Reid, chief technology officer; Cam Woods, chief scientist; and Cara Stewart Raffele, chief creative officer are dedicated to closing this gap and helping women feel better. “Through MyJane, women will be empowered to take control of their personal wellness, create routines proven to work for them, and reject the idea that one-size-fits-all in health and wellness,” Kovacs says.

MyJane offers the first premium cannabis subscription service for women that is tailored to meet individual needs. MyJane’s proprietary algorithm uses artificial intelligence to personalize health and wellness choices. The data collected drives product choices, improves members’ experiences, and adds social proof to the void of useful data in the cannabis market.

MyJane is a new cannabis wellness service, designed to empower women to take the necessary steps to feel better. Its mission is to normalize the cannabis experience for women by offering the first premium, curated cannabis experience in a custom box tailored to meet women’s individual needs and address their most cited wellness concerns.

The first step in a MyJane customer’s journey is creating a detailed online profile addressing questions about symptoms, food allergies, preferences, and prior experience with cannabis. Second, a curated cannabis package is assembled, and a female ambassador from the company arrives. The difference is, these ambassadors don’t just drop off product. They arrive on an agreed-upon date and time to walk the recipient through each carefully selected item. The process is personal, professional, and friendly.

Each ambassador is well-educated and prescreened for safety–which is especially important to women. The culture for the 22 MyJane employees is empowering. This dynamic team of confident women have taken Kovacs’s lead and are supporting each other and inviting new customers into the family with open arms.

In results from the initial survey, women were universally looking for better sleep solutions and safe, non habit forming relief for pain, anxiety, and stress. According to the MyJane data, many respondents hadn’t used cannabis before but were canna-curious, willing to try cannabis products under three primary circumstances: that the THC (chemical compound that results in feeling high) was a very low dose, the product could be consumed discretely (e.g., edibles, tea, etc.), and the products were safely delivered along with product education and information.

Since its inception in 2018, MyJane has helped women take powerful ownership over their health and wellness decisions. MyJane offers women a real alternative to the prescription pharmaceuticals, such as Ambien, Xanax, Prozac, and other drugs used to reduce anxiety, depression, sleep, and/or induce relaxation. In the cannabis space, MyJane is truly differentiated because of both the personal customization and tailored products geared towards specific ailments.

Every curated MyJane Box features seven to 10 experience size products designed for use over several days, allowing customers to find what works best for them. Each of us has a unique endocannabinoid system that receives the cannabis compounds in its own way. The variety of cannabis-based products could include vape pens, body scrubs, edibles, topicals, tea, and more. This gives customers the opportunity to try consuming in a variety of forms. A few of the brands currently featured are Kush Queen, Kikoko, Papa & Barkley, Chill, and 3Leaf. MyJane ambassadors are continually sampling and testing new brands by to be considered for inclusion in MyJane boxes.

“Something many people aren’t aware of is that a lot of the things women are suffering from sleep, pain, anxiety could all be remedied with cannabis,” Kovacs says. As an industry leader, Kovacs demonstrates why we as women need to turn the mirror on ourselves and be willing to step up to do whatever is necessary to make up for what is lacking in the world around us. That should include expanding our knowledge about what’s possible in terms of personal health and wellness. It also means being more conscious of the products we consume and how we subscribe to them.

The purchasing power of women related to health care is exceptionally high. It was recently reported by Yankelovich Monitor at the M2W Conference that women make up over 90 percent of household health care decisions. Women also account for 93 percent of over-the-counter pharmaceutical purchases, according to Tom Peters’ forward in Marti Barletta’s book, Marketing to Women. As the wellness needs of women and their families evolve through different stages of life and health, MyJane is poised to support them. Addressing the expanding needs of women, no matter what stage they’re in, whether menopause, sexual health, post partum, or more, MyJane is there to create peace of mind.

This is a company created by women for women. Kovacs also stated that as MyJane expands, the company will continue to stay true to its mission of “empowering women, educating, and making consumers feel comfortable with their choices.” On a national stage, MyJane looks forward to creating a larger community of women united by the benefits of cannabis. MyJane is scheduled for a public listing on the stock exchange later this year.

Each MyJane Experience Box is $125, including taxes and scheduled hand delivery.