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Promotional Feature : "Genius Products - Genius Cannabis"

Aug 30, 2019 08:41PM ● By Marketing SENSI MAG
As matchmakers around the world say, “There’s a lid for every pot.” That’s true even in cannabis. The fast growing industry has said goodbye to the days of marijuana as a blanket term for whatever wound up in the bottom of a plastic baggie and is becoming a forward thinking industry. Cannabis brands can more clearly identify who their customers are and exactly what they want. At the forefront of this new focus on targeted marketing is Genius Products, the Los Angeles-base parent company producing cannabis-based brands that appeal to every segment of the cannabis market.

“The next phase of cannabis growth mirrors the culinary world,” says Chris Clifford, CEO of Genius Products. “Everyone has their own tastes, and our goal is to make the right products for every flavor of cannabis consumer.”

It’s the same approach that beer giants like Anheuser-Busch, InBev, and SABMiller take: find your customer by tailoring brands to specific identities. To that end, Genius Products has a range of brands focused on THC, CBD, and natural hemp. Gen!us THC, its first foray into the market, launched in May at Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa, California. The brand’s tagline is “Strains for Brains”, and it caters to the creative professional by using high art collaborations with cannabis-inspired photographers Maggie West and Justin Jerrod. The idea behind Gen!us THC is that there’s a genius inside everyone. Its THC products are geared towards unlocking this potential. The goal is to connect with agency creative directors, writers, executives, and other professionals who incorporate cannabis into their lives as a healing mechanism without letting it interfere with their work.

“We want to provide a level of sophistication with our products,” says Clifford. The look and feel of Gen!us THC aligns with that goal. Packaging comes in bright, Instagram-friendly colors and the products themselves range from flower and pre rolls to vape cartridges and disposable vape pens.

The plan is to launch additional brands later this summer, with a focus on reaching the natural wellness market. That includes casual consumers looking to introduce CBD products such as skincare into their daily routines and debuting multiple entries into the food and beverage space.

At Genius Products, the secret sauce is more than just creating new brands to target different customer segments. Instead of cobbling together a supplier network, the company is truly vertically integrated, overseeing the entire product life cycle from seed to shelf. It grows its own cannabis and hemp on organic farms that are committed to sustainability. It has dedicated design teams dreaming up new product lines, and Genius has its first two brick-and-mortar dispensaries opening in Los Angeles later this summer to be one-stop shops for Genius Products.

“I think the best way to find success with any product is to try to impact the entire process from start to finish,” says Clifford. Genius Products will launch more brands in the cannabis market. With Genius Products, seed to shelf is the company ethos, and it’s all about finding the right seeds for the right shelves.

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