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Promotional Feature : "Canyon : Taking a Cue from Craft Brewing"

Aug 27, 2019 01:28PM ● By Marketing SENSI MAG
Canyon is a Denver-based edible company founded ten years ago by Morgan Iwersen. “In 2009, when we started, we thought we might get into cultivation but decided early on that we wanted to control the extraction and infusion process,” says Tim McMurray, Canyon COO.

Canyon manufactures tinctures, gummies and hard candy. “We have been working hard the past two years to expand our line of beverages rooted in unique packaging,” he says. Canyon launched the first RTD (ready to drink) coffee three years ago.

McMurray spent 20 years in the craft-beer industry, and plans to use some of the philosophies behind the small brewpub model with Canyon’s beverages. “There were a lot of one-batch products made and packaged in the small brewpub model, and we are going incorporate seasonal products similar to the craft beer industry,” he says.

He sees lots of similarities between the craft beer and cannabis industries. “In the early part of that craft beer industry, there wasn’t a lot of sharing of knowledge,”he says. Then around the year 2000, people realized that companies had their own recipes, but the basic premise of brewing craft beer was the same. The cannabis world is generally the same in that respect, and knowledge sharing is becoming more prevalent now.

“The sublingual uptake of an infused beverage makes it perfect to bring functional ingredients in terms of how they interact with the body and infuse them with cannabis,” McMurray says.

The company has a 5,000 square-foot facility with 25 employees, adding four more this year. “The edible space has gotten very competitive, and we are still growing. which is a testament to what we do.”

People tend to trust Canyon because the company has been around for ten years, with products that are fully infused, emulsified, and homogenous. “Early on, when a lot of companies were struggling with potencies and different effects and testing, our products were very accurately dosed and continue to be,” he says. “That reputation and our service, where we work for and with our customers, is what sets us apart.” 

Asked about expansion, he says Canyon is in conversations with three outside markets. “We want to make sure our Colorado mothership operation is continuing to innovate and grow before we expand, because we view growth as a natural thing, not a forced thing. It should happen organically.”

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