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Promotional Feature : "Cannabis One : This Cannabis Retail Franchise Opportunity Is Anticipating Big Gains"

Aug 27, 2019 01:31PM ● By Marketing SENSI MAG
“Our goal is to become one of the biggest cannabis companies in the world.” That is P.J. Rinker, a former custom home builder for Lexa Custom Homes in Denver, talking about Cannabis One and how the company is positioning itself to acquire and enhance legacy cannabis assets, while watching cannabis become the commodity it was always meant to be. Rinker is vice president of product development for the company and leads the company’s work as a brand aggregator.

“Phillip Morris has claimed that it can grow flower for $1.50 a pound by switching out tobacco for cannabis and following the same grow and harvest processes,” Rinker says. “With us growing indoors, even with the most advanced technology and the best resources, we can still only grow for about $300 a pound. With that being said, flower will be a commodity that will not be grown indoors at all. It will be grown in Colombia, in Jamaica, or in Oregon, where the natural conditions work best for those different strains to be grown,” he says. “And when you have the cost of living and labor expenses at lower prices, it will ultimately become a commodity like corn, and be traded on the futures market.”

Cannabis One has been working on acquiring and producing assets and brands, putting definitive agreements on five or six different opportunities now, Rinker says, and concentrating on being a “house of brands.”

That house includes The Joint dispensary brand; the flagship store opened in Denver in July 2015. The plan is to have 25 The Joint-branded dispensaries throughout the country by the end of this year, and be like a Starbucks in the sense of having a similar look, feel, customer experience, and line of products.

Cannabis One has deals with infused products brand Evergreen Organix in Nevada and acquired Honu brand in Washington (expected to generate sales of $15.5 million a year), both of which are top brands in the edible category.

The company is looking long-term to work with 150 dispensaries nationwide, with 30-40 percent of store space to be products from Cannabis One, and then expanding into countries where cannabis can be legally sold. “We are working on Mexico, and we have projects going on in Canada, and hope to export goods soon,” Rinker says.

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