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Sensi Xchange 12.10.19

Aug 26, 2019 11:30PM
Exponential Conversations for Elevating Our Industry.

Our industry will leverage the XChange Group Genius approach, used by industry leaders like Keller Williams, Facebook, Vitamix, BMW, TEDx, Habitat for Humanity, Nike, Google and Costco. 


Through a series of professionally choreographed and large group dialogues, our founding partners will explore and articulate the following:


Transcendent Purpose

Why are we here? What are our highest shared callings? What brings greater purpose to what we do?

Strengths Identification

What are our strengths? What strengths can we leverage individually and collectively, to build on and from as our industry expands? 


Guiding Cooperation Principles

How will we collaborate? Can we collaborate and agree upon a first-of-its-kind set of cooperative principles from which all in our industry may benefit? 


Shared Future Visions

What could be?  What are our grandest hopes and aspirations for this emerging industry and how might we be catalysts for elevating humanity?