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Complete Hair Health

Aug 19, 2019 08:44PM
Hemp can change the world.

That’s what Taylor Burk, Miss Nevada Earth 2018-2019, believed when she boldly became the first contestant in a beauty pageant contestant in American history to publicly support hemp.

“Due to the lack of education and general confusion between psychoactive and non psychoactive uses of cannabis, promoting hemp during my reign was extremely controversial at the time,” Burk says. “I found it interesting how not many people were aware that hemp is the epic game changer in the beauty and wellness space, but also environmentally, economically, and industrially.”

Fast forward to 2019. Taylor met her business partner, Roni Josef, the founder and guru in the professional beauty space working on the global expansion of Wellness Premium Products, makers of luxury botanical, hemp seed oil hair care products from Israel.

“I love the culture of our company,” Burk says. “We help so many people and bring hope to all of the men in women who suffer from hair loss and dry, chemically damaged hair.”

The wellness line of products includes shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask that comes with ampoules and serum, which doubles as a heat protectant. All products are to be used together for complete hair health.

Burk, a hemp beauty educator, says that she and Nevada locals tend to have dry, coarse hair because of due to the desert heat and hard water. That all changed for her after using the Wellness hair care system. “My hair instantly became strong, flexible, hydrated, and shiny. That’s because our products are created with an exclusive micro capsule technology, which allows the benefits of protein rich hemp to penetrate deep into the hair core, and heal the hair follicle from the inside out as well as topically. All of the Wellness formulas cater to scalp health and stimulate the blood fl ow necessary for new hair growth.”

The company is collecting testimonials from people using their line of products and hopes to introduce more Wellness products in the near future. “We are getting testimonies that showcase reactions from real people about their results using our products,” Burk says. “We must remain authentic in this beauty industry because the positive impacts that organic hemp seed oil brings to people are too powerful to not share with the world.”

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