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Hiding in Plain Sight

Aug 19, 2019 08:48PM ● By Debbie Hall
Yerman the Sad Yeti looks over the space of Hatsumi, the hip, new Japanese restaurant at Fergusons Downtown. In one incarnation, Yerman’s hesitant smile gazes out at the patrons. In another painting, the visual show cases Yerman’s exterior “exploding” to reveal the interior of emotions. The two paintings demonstrate a back story for the artist and those who view it.

The artist and creator of Depressed Monsters art, apparel, and toy line, Ryan Brunty utilizes his art-work for mental health advocacy.

“In 2012, my grandfather passed, and that was the first time I realized I had issues with depression. I didn’t leave the house and couldn’t get out of bed,” he explains. “I finally decided to express myself and create Yerman, who encapsulated what I was feeling. Other people saw that too.” Every time he paints, Brunty expresses his narrative in his art about how he felt at the time. His artwork continues to demonstrate his mental health journey while developing his artistic scrapbook as a beacon of hope for other people.