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Sensi Magazine August 2019 - Boston Digital Edition

Jul 31, 2019 06:03AM ● By Stephanie Wilson


Boston, it’s great to be with you, and I have a confession to make: of all the editor’s notes I’ve written, this one has given me the most pause. Boston, I’m nervous. Anxious is perhaps a better term—the kind of anxious that you get before you walk through the doors of your high school reunion, to give you some comparison. It’s sort of like that. I’m based out of Sensi’s headquarters in Colorado now, but I grew up in New Hampshire. My dad was a pilot for Eastern Airlines back in the day, flying the shuttle from Logan to Laguardia to D.C. and back on the daily. I got my journalism degree from UMass out in Amherst, and I’ve been making magazines ever since. A lot of them, especially in the last three years. I moved to Colorado in 2015 and met Ron Kolb, who had a vision for a series of city lifestyle magazines that didn’t shy away from cannabis in the editorial, that embraced it as part of “the new normal,” a part of a city’s lifestyle the same way the craft beer industry is. I was so on board. We published the first issue of Sensi Denver/Boulder in May 2016. And we grew from there, taking Sensi coast to coast in two years flat. Today, we’ve got magazines publishing monthly in eight markets, with three more launching in October.

I’m a magazine junkie, I’ll admit it. And it was while reading an issue of Health magazine that inspiration for this month’s cover story struck. The article focused on how women are disproportionately affected by “invisible illnesses”—Lyme, fibromyalgia, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders. What it didn’t mention is that cannabis has shown to be an effective treatment for each of those. Robyn Griggs Lawrence explains why in this month’s cover story, which highlights the story of one Boston local whose Lyme disease went undiagnosed for years.

Health and Wellness is the theme of this issue, which is the first edition without Dan McCarthy as the editorial lead. He launched one hell of a magazine for Boston, and I’m grateful for it. I’m on the hunt for the perfect person to lead the magazine into its next chapter, building on the legacy Dan established. If that’s you, find me, tell me, show me. I won’t hand over this magazine to just anyone. Of all the Sensi editions, it’s my favorite. It’s my home.

And it’s so good to be home.


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