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Sensi Magazine August 2019 - Los Angeles Digital Edition

Jul 31, 2019 05:48AM ● By Dawn Garcia


As we’ve become slaves to our devices and are compelled to move at the speed of light, we bring extenuating stress upon ourselves and into our daily lives. It’s never been more important to be mindful and take a little you time—and that is what this issue is all about.

Musical artist Gerard Way once said, “One day, your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure yours is worth watching.” The more I let that quote sink in, the more I realize its power. Life is about making decisions that continually move us forward and into our best selves. Whatever your best life is? Always be moving toward it.

Finding more inventive ways to let the daily stressors go can seem like yet another task, but we live in a city that is ample in options. As we put this issue together, one thing stood out: we’re all on the edge of being one step closer to burnout. That’s when making the dreaded “life changes” is opportune. I realize it isn’t easy to change old habits, but making time to balance work, life, family, and relationships is just as important as making sure you leave room for yourself. A little self-care can go a very long way, and this month that’s the goal.

In this issue, you’ll discover that burlesque may be more than a visual tease. Turns out shedding our clothes can also be like shedding the skin of insecurity; a freeing experience that invites us to embrace ourselves and the bodies we’re hiding in. We also explore brands and companies that endorse and implement wellness, because they, too, were facing corporate burnout. I talk to the queen of cannabis, Dr. Dina, to discuss a faulty prison system, legalization, the importance of women in cannabis, and her new international podcast.

Finding ways to have the highest quality of life isn’t easy, and sometimes Los Angeles is a city in a tailspin of chaos, but it’s also one of tremendous creativity, opportunity, curiosity, cultural influx, and plenty of natural elements to get submerged in.

Go find your center…and be relentless. Spread your wings and discover.

Live boldly,


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